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Pop Cults - June’s Must See Summer Movies

Tiarra of writes "Summer movie season is fast approaching (don’t tell movie producers that may isn’t technically a part of summer. It’s warm. Warm equals summer, right?), and with this time of year comes a plethora of new movies to see. With all of the movies coming out between May and August, it’s sometimes hard to decide which of these movies is worth watching and which ones we might want to pass on. That’s where we here at Pop Cults come in. Like a Starfleet Academy instructor wrangling in new recruits, I’ve gathered together our staff to find out which movies we’re all looking forward to and why. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of summer’s must see movies. This time, she focuses on June!"

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alycakes3569d ago

I plan on seeing most of these except The Bling Ring..don't really care about that one.