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TV Fanatic Review: The Following: The Chase is On

Sometimes I wonder what The Following would be like without Kevin Bacon.

There's such a strong presence whenever he appears on screen, delivers a line, gives a steely stare or shoots a bad guy. Bacon brings that gravitas to the character, helping me believe in every rogue move that Ryan Hardy makes or gritty edge during an interrogation scene.

Sure, sometimes it baffles me that Ryan has such spot-on hunches (seriously, how did he spot the cult mansion on that map?), but I'm more able to go along with it because it's Bacon.

Even now with 14 episodes down, I still enjoy watching Ryan hunt down his enemies, although I do wish we got to see some more of his cocky attitude like when he was all tied up in "The Fall."

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alycakes3513d ago

I actually thought this was one of the better episodes so I hoping the fianle is even more exciting.