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Bernie Review | Clickonline

Clickonline writes: "There are no massive revelations in Bernie, no wildly dramatic moments or extraordinary set pieces. But as a character study you’ll find grace and wit to spare, plus an insight into an incredible true story and a potentially career-defining performance from Black. Recommended."

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Sahil2001d ago

Enjoyed the review. My friend grew up in Carthage, the town that is shown in the movie, and know most of the people portrayed in the film. It was like a walk down memory lane for him. This film captures the characters of the town so well.

aDDicteD2001d ago

if you are a jack black fan you will definitely like to watch this. he gave an exceptional performance..technically he is just the same as before but i think the character suited him well, this is a surprising movie because i thought it would be boring but when it reached the second act it was very watchable.