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The Wolverine Japanese Trailer Thrills With New Footage, A Better Pace


Given the fact that James Mangold’s upcoming The Wolverine has significant ties to Japan and the Japanese market – sending Hugh Jackman’s mutant hero back to the island nation where he’s forced to confront demons from his past – it makes sense that the Japanese cut of a Wolverine trailer plays differently (and slightly better) than the one we received in the States recently. JoBlo posted this new clip on its YouTube page, and we’ve shared it above.

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aDDicteD3513d ago

the japanese trailer is almost the same like the 1st trailer but the pacing is more hyped up, i wonder why wolverine would consider being normal, his skeleton is already adimantium so if he becomes normal the adimantium exoskeleton would definitely kill him right?, nice trailer though i hope they can do this right it looks spectacular.

TheWolverine3512d ago

realistically, heavy metal poisoning would kill him. I think the strain of carrying around all the extra weight would also probably destroy his body in due time, breaking bones and ripping tendons and such.

Sahil3510d ago

I'm guessing. But I imagine the plot is that they're really after his regenerative ability. I mean what dying old man wouldn't be?