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Regal and AMC Halt ‘Iron Man 3′ Ticket Sales Due to Disney Dispute

Marvel fans’ plans to watch Iron Man 3 on opening weekend may be stymied by a dispute between Disney and the country’s two biggest movie theater chains, AMC and Regal. The exhibitors have halted advance ticket sales of the Marvel Studios sequel in response to an argument over how box office revenue is split.

If a resolution is not reached, Iron Man 3 may not play at all on AMC and Regal’s combined 800+ theaters nationwide. And even if it is, missing so many days of pre-sales could take a big bite out of Iron Man 3‘s opening weekend box office. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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darklordzor2420d ago

Well...wouldn't this suck a lot if they end up not showing it at all in their theaters. Seriously, that'd be a huge deal, and AMC has done it with big movies before.

DarkBlood2419d ago

im not quite sure i understand what they mean by box office revenue is split, are they trying to steal from each other or something?

CPO2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

DarkBlood, it means that one or both of those theater chains are not accepting the amount (cut) Disney wants from ticket sales. Just like in retail where the stores pay the manufacturer/supplier for the goods, the studios take a portion of each ticket sale for their pay.
In this case Disney wants more than usual or more than the theater chains are willing to pay.

Garethvk2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

It is a big issue for some chain. At our AZ office, Harkins is a local chain where many of the screeners are held. Even though AMC, General Cinemas, and others are here, Harkins at times has this issue. At a screener we were told that sometimes the rent requested by the studio is so much that they cannot justify carrying the film as there is no money in it for them. A studio sets a take for each week a cinema carries the film and it drops each week so the cinema make more money on a long term run.

With a film such as "The Watch" they opted not to carry it as the studio wanted a high return over a longer period so they opted out. I was told that the money from tickets that a cinema gets is usually enough to pay staff, power the building, etc, but naturally concessions is where they make their money. The movies bring in the customers so naturally they need one another but studios are demanding more and more as the budgets of the films have rocked up to 200 Million plus for some films.

I haave heard examples where a studio wanted 85% take for 2 weeks etc.

aDDicteD2416d ago

they have to settle the dispute immediately, a movie with this magnitude comes rarely. everything is always about the money.

neoragex2415d ago

really don't see how these guys don't work it out by the end of the week. Way waaay too much money on the line. So i wouldn't start panicking yet.