A Snap From Norman Osborn's Penthouse; Plus New TASM 2 Plot Details


We've been sent a picture from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man sequel which you guys might find interesting -- some marble panels from Norman Osborn's penthouse which could be viewed as having a slight "Goblinish" quality!

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aDDicteD3510d ago

im looking forward to this movie, ill bet chris cooper will be green goblin by the end or in the midpoint of the movie. they put a father and son osborne of course to make them turn and harry should take the mantle towards the third film, so i wont be surprised if the villain roster would be three in this film.

Sahil3508d ago

Sounds good. Here's hoping that they do have Green Goblin make appearance, but, if they do, I sure hope they can keep it somewhat of a secret until the movie arrives in 2014. If he does pop up, there's only one story specifically from the comics that I can see them following... involving a bridge