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First Official Thor: The Dark World Trailer Arrives


Marvel’s God of Thunder returns in the first Thor: The Dark World trailer featuring otherworldly battles, new and familiar faces from Asgard and Midgard, as well as many new enemies!

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Crazay3517d ago

Nice trailer. I'm a littler perplexed as to why they opted to make this one a fall release and not summer. It would have been an awesome double bill at the drive in with iron man 3.

FullMetalTech3517d ago

Its actually a good move by them to keep it later on. Iron man 3 in May, Thor 2 November, 2014 summer Captain America 2. Then they can focus on promoting Avengers 2 after to build up the buzz. Also too many blockbuster titles like Superman, Catching Fire, Hangover 3, Kick Azz 2....ect. they stand a better chance to make more money during the holiday november period.

Crazay3517d ago

Yea, you're not wrong. It would be pretty sweet if they'd release a new movie under the Marvel brand every 6 months...I think Catching Fire is November too...or it was anyway.

calis3517d ago

It's a good idea not to flood the cinema with Marvel movies, people might get sick of it.

LOL_WUT3517d ago

In seems like it's going to have a more serious tone... I'm all in for seriousness don't get me wrong, but I also liked the lighthearted humor of the first one.

Sahil3510d ago

Thor 1 wasn't excelent but it was pretty good... was cosmic and too much earth... now the great Alan Taylor will bring us the viking/nordic/medieval ambient that we want for Thor.

level 3603517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

It would be nice to see Thor wear his trademark winged-helmet more in some fight sequence..

..trailer looks really good!

One other Marvel superhero I'd really like to see depicted in film is Prince Namor, The Submariner.

aDDicteD3513d ago

i was wondering also why the winged designed helmet was not yet utilized, i was hoping they would include it at some point.

StarWarsFan3516d ago

It looks better than the first. I liked the first one, but I thought it seemed too basic in terms of locales and story. I think it was just to introduce the characters but that's about it.

ironfist923516d ago

I had a feeling he would go to Loki for help. The whole "good guy and bad guy team up to fight badder guy" seems like it'd work here.

Dissapointed with the first film but this looks much better.

aDDicteD3511d ago

yup, The good guy and bad guy team up always works and quite interesting plus there will be some twist for sure because there are a lot of ways that the bad guy might do specially if that bad guy is loki.

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