'Dodgeball' Sequel in the Works at Fox


The studio and the production company run by Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld have tapped Clay Tarver to pen a script for a long-talked-about sequel to the hit comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

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Crazay3509d ago

I'd be perfectly OK with this movie never happening. Didn't think too much of the original and can't see myself liking the sequel much more though it has happened before.

aDDicteD3504d ago

i saw the first film. it looks like it does not need a sequel, i might bet it will be awful, the first was below mediocre for me what else the sequel.

Sahil3501d ago

"Now the sequel will focus on Vaughn and Stiller forced to team up to fight an even bigger threat, according to sources"

Massive thumbs up!