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The Mentalist: The Love Doctor: TVF Review

TV Fanatic:
Turns out Wayne Rigsby was in need of more than just some "Red Velvet Cupcakes," although with his penchant for eating on the job, it was no surprise he tried to steal one of the delectable looking treats from the victim's kitchen.

This installment of The Mentalist was fun from start to finish as Jane got to comment on everything from dieting to fetishes; and a long-stalled relationship finally moved forward.

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alycakes3578d ago

After all this time, I think this is still one of the best shows out there. I know that sooner or later it will get cancelled and he'll have to catch the villian Red John but until then I do enjoy the episodes they come up with.

Sahil3571d ago

I know what's in the box as well. Interesting. Kind of.

I did not like this seemed all over the place to me.

Sahil3571d ago

I'm interested to see how he reveals the names to her. My bet is he won't proactively do it. She will either have to coerce him in some way, or he will only tell her because he needs her help with something. The only way I will see it as him truly letting her in is if he voluntarily tells her for no reason other than to include her. Context is very important. After all, he has "let her in" before.