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Sticky Shoe Review | 42

Manny Casillas of Sticky Shoe reviews the Jackie Robinson bio-pic 42, from director Brian Helgeland. He likes the performances from stars Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford, just wishes the film cut deeper than it does.

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Sahil3566d ago

Its ashame that a great story like this, will probably only make about 10 to 15 million this weekend.....while movies like twilight and Harry potter makes 150 mil.

aDDicteD3565d ago

i saw the trailer and it was beautifully crafted in my initial impression, although i might not know much about baseball history i have started to like it when i saw moneyball. another reason im watching because one of my all time favorites harrison ford is in it and i heard he did a remarkable performance. i hope he gets nominated, i heard he was as good as he was when he did the film witness which was his only nominated film.