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Iron Man 3: "Demon in a Bottle" Comic Story Was Planned, Pulled and Why it Would've Worked

The Fans have wanted it and Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce and writer/director Shane Black wanted it but the Mouse God in the sky said, "NO." Iron Man's famous "Demon in a Bottle" comic book story arc was initially a basis for Iron Man 3 but Disney didn't want to show Tony Stark dealing with alcoholism and drinking heavily on the big screen.

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TheWolverine3566d ago

And Disney strikes... I wonder how else they'll censor Marvel films...

aDDicteD3564d ago

they will censor out marvel extensively i guess, any r rated scene or even draft wont even get pass mickey's watchful eye.

aDDicteD3564d ago

the demon in the bottle was actually referring to his alcholism and for once i would agree with disney that it wont work. they showed enough already in ironman 2 and in my opinion was not a pleasant scene with him and his partner fighting in a party..easily the weakest scene in the movie.