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Total Film | Olympus Has Fallen Review

An orgy of bloody explosions that’d be tough to endure if it weren’t so inadvertently self-parodic. If nothing else, it sets the daftness bar high for Roland Emmerich’s upcoming White House Down.

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Sahil3510d ago

I'm sorry but this just looks like such blatant propaganda. This is in my opinion a reinforcement of the so called threat of terrorism, when in reality, you're more likely to die of a bee-sting.

aDDicteD3510d ago

the film is watchable it is basically the action flick you predicted to see before watching. but it is more unrealistic compared to die hard and mission impossible. in a real world the white house cannot be taken so easily. but overall its ok i would watch it again like 2 or 3 times but might hesitate to grab a copy of it.