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Exclusive Look: Thor Returns in 'The Dark World'

USA Today

In his self-titled film debut in 2011, the demigod Thor vowed to find a way back to his beloved Jane Foster. This fall, we'll find out how.

In Thor: The Dark World, the new solo outing for the Marvel hero (played by 29-year-old Australian Chris Hemsworth), "they finally reconnect,'' confirms Kevin Feige, Marvel's president of production.

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Sahil3511d ago

I loved how Hiddleston's Loki showed that all he ever really wanted to be as loved/respected as Thor.... and then realizing why that would never happen (from Odin).

The rumor about why Loki will help Thor, I am very interested in seeing how they make that unfold. IIRC, Frigga didn't know the truth either - or if she did, she made a point to love Loki despite the hidden truth.

aDDicteD3510d ago

nice article. Chris Hemsworth saying to expect thor to be more of a demigod in this film and have some dynamic moves that we haven't seen before makes me think that the fight scenes in this sequel will be awesome.