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Marc Webb Tweets First Official Photo Of A Very Different Looking Jamie Foxx As Max Dillon

CBM: Highlighting his previously talked about obsession with Spider-Man, the first official image of Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon features the Django Unchained star looking an awful lot different to what we're used to. Check it out!

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Hergula2098d ago

Hey Retro, it seems like your posting things, just to post them!

...Haha, I´m just playing, were good ;). Either way, I am definitely excited for the Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Jamie Foxx seems like a decent fit for Electro, even if he isnt my first choice for the character.

aDDicteD2091d ago

His hairstyle on this photo is a bit weird.

Sahil2090d ago

Interesting picture, Foxx looks like crazy psycho french teacher from high school in NY...Funny. And cool picture wall spidey. So must be the final suit and mask.