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The Walking Dead: The Top 25 Zombies

IGN: The Walking Dead is about a lot of things. It's about leadership, and variances in leadership styles; it's about making tough choices and sacrifices; it's about the human will to survive, despite all evidence that full-scale annihilation is not only possible, but probable - and imminent. Lest we forget, though, it's also about zombies! Glorious, gory zombies.

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aDDicteD3574d ago

nice list. I knew that bicycle girl will be top 1 on that list and I'm glad that Shane zombie made it to top 5. there are also some walkers that were not mentioned like the interrogation zombie that glenn killed.

Sahil3566d ago

The lone zombie was one of the more significant on the list I think. It's just drifting. Not chasing and snarling as we mostly see them. If gives you a chance to wonder who he may have been before the world went to shit.