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Details on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Extras Casting Call in Cleveland

The Captain America: The Winter Soldier has finished its process of meeting with extras for when it shoots in Cleveland next month through June. Those who stood in line for hours and hours in the cold, wind, rain and (believe it or not but it happened on Saturday) snow the past two days will now impatiently wait by their phones and computers for Marvel Studios to contact them.

But how does this process work?

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Sahil3510d ago

I hope they give Captain America more of the super solider abilities that he has in the comics. More agility, more stamina and way more acrobatic traits. Sorta like what Blonsky had in The Incredible Hulk. I was kinda disappointed in the way he fought especially since Cap in one of my favorite Marvel character

aDDicteD3510d ago

lucky are those who will end up as extra's in this film, it looks to be a great intensified moment in the film, but i do hope those extras wont share what they know about what transpired, like the dark knight rises suffered by unfortunate mass spoilers given away by the extras involve in the project.