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Independent Cinema - Scary Movie 5 Review

Independent Cinema writes: For the same reasons why The Three Stooges remake failed horribly, Scary Movie 5 displays why the Scary Movie formula can no longer work in today’s society of mumble-core, dry humor, and camp. Parodies can function like what we see in films such as Shaun of the Dead and Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, but the difference between those films and Scary Movie 5 is that one adds to the genre it parodies, while the latter merely pokes fun at it. If a cast of D-list celebrities, and actors who haven’t had a decent role in the longest time doesn’t put you off, the over-the-top slapstick humor, sex jokes, and lowest-common-denominator gags will try hard to put you off as well. With some interesting elements which feel like they could have amounted to something worthwhile, the final product ends up being a mess of references to other films, with no actual bearing to the rest of the movie.

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Sahil3436d ago

My little sister forced me to watch it with her... Never going anywhere with her again.

The plot was a complete mess. What was the point in the black ballarina girl? Hell, what was the point in any of the Black Swan scenes? And did anyone else notice that the little baby basically disappeared a quarter of the way through the movie?
The only good thing about it is that the girl with the brown hair is CUTE.

aDDicteD3435d ago

good article, parodies should work as an indirect approach like tucker and dale vs has numerous throwbacks to evil dead, wrong turn and even made a parody of two face but it has a centralized story of its own. in comparison with scary movie the cheap jokes and foul scenes are the center of the story which makes it a nonsense film all in all. if you have to make jokes at least try enough to make it witty in a certain point of view.