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Excellent special effects, but unfortunately those are not enough to create a good movie. In the end, it is the heart in the control, even between frames and pixels.

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Sahil3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

This movie deserves at least a 70. Visuals are great, soundtrack is great, Tom Cruise's acting was fucking badass, and the story is original and good. It deserves more

aDDicteD3501d ago

The film is currently being always praised by its visuals and gets stab with its story, i have heard and read articles that it borrowed a lot from some movies..i wasnt able to distinguish those similarities so for me i was not that bothered at all but i do agree that it could have been better because the concept was okay. i was expecting more action based on the trailers but i was contented nevertheless even if the first part was more about the choreography.