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I Stopped The New Superman: Man of Steel Trailer Halfway Through. Here’s Why.

Leviathyn argue that the trailer wasn't worth watching not because it was bad, but because of the deeper issue of long trailers in the industry in general; and more importantly, Zack Snyder's inability to exercise restraint.

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RetrospectRealm3970d ago

This guy obviously has not seen some really old trailers that could go up to 5 minutes. Watch the trailer for Dog Day Afternoon, it's long and tells you practically everything. The Dark Knight Rises proved that you could show a ton of footage and still have a million great NEW things to show the audience. I'm sure Man Of Steel is the same.

evilstuie3969d ago

I'm not going to bother reading the article because it seems highly TROLLOLOL, just wanted to say the blogger/wannabe writer is a complete moron if only for the reason that they did not even watch the whole thing before concluding its worth.

Lap up the irony bitch!

krazykombatant3969d ago

lol what a picky little brat. Anyways, this is one if not my most anticipated movie this summer, should be amazing!!

hazelamy3969d ago

to each their own, but personally, the trailer only made me more excited to see the film.
and i was already incredibly eager to see it.
so, opening day, i'm there. ^_^

Vames3969d ago

He's lying, he watched the whole thing.

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