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The Lords of Salem | Den of Geek Review

Like newly festering gangrenous tissue, Rob Zombie has reemerged in movie houses around the country with this weekend’s newest grindhouse horror, The Lords of Salem. Zombie, who has labored as of late under the shackles of Hollywood remakes, is finally free to unleash his most bizarre vision to date with his third original screenplay. Following in the tradition of House of 1000 Corpses and the promising The Devil’s Rejects, Lords of Salem is the kind of retro-looking B-horror that filled drive-ins during the 1970s. But while Rejects gave us an intense thriller and a surprisingly strong character study on a family of serial killers, The Lords of Salem is just a gory mess of horror tropes that leaves only the long scream of dying entertainment.

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Sahil2772d ago

I actually enjoyed it up until the last half hour. Then it just went weird ..... but thats pretty much sums up most of Zombies work ... I like the 60's mello/trippy feel throughout,with a good dose of iconic 'Rosemarys Baby' influences and definite nods to Dario Argento's 'Hags/witches' ...

aDDicteD2769d ago

another low review for this film...rob zombie should better try something new. sherri moon zombie should also try something new its like she is only exclusively working with rob zombie. she should be casted on other films, i liked her in halloween 1 and devil rejects..