Exclusive: Ben Kingsley Talks ‘Playing The Bad Guy’ In Iron Man 3

In an exclusive interview granted to WOW247, acclaimed actor Sir Ben Kingsley has spoken extensively about his villainous role as The Mandarin in superhero blockbuster Iron Man 3.

Ahead of the movie’s release next week, Sir Ben talked about sparring with Robert Downey Jnr, why he fell for the Iron Man franchise – and how he came up with his character’s distinctive voice while rampaging around a hotel.

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shodan742098d ago

He was pretty awesome playing the 'villain' in Sexy Beast too, of course. I have high hopes for his turn in this.

aDDicteD2095d ago

a very straightforward interview, the hiring of ben kingsley as the mandarin was a great choice, he is a phenomenal actor, one of the best movies i saw was a house of sand and fog and he was terrific. later in his career he gets overly criticize by accepting low budget and weak movies such as bloodrayne, the dictator etc. but now i guess he is back on track.

Sahil2091d ago

I really wished Ben Kingsley portrayed The Mandarin the way he is shown in the trailers. He easily could have been one of Marvel's most memorable villains. Iron Man 3 was a great movie, but the way they've handeled The Mandarin was the biggest let down for me..