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The Rise And Rise Of Ryan Gosling

Sky Movies: ''He is the indie darling who reduces ordinarily sensible, intelligent women to blushing, giggling schoolgirls. He is the idiosyncratic outsider who refuses to play the Hollywood game and yet has become one of the most marketable and charismatic young faces in film. He is the celebrity actor whose best films most people haven’t seen. Surely it must be for a reason greater than, as Derek Zoolander might say, he’s really, really, really good-looking?''

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TheHergulaX3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

He needs to keep things going though, contrary to popular belief, he is not as good as many give him credit for.

aDDicteD3451d ago

i think he is making all the right moves at this point, i saw several of his movies and even if they are not blockbusters it really was good. the celebrity status of an actor does not always depend on their work but also mere luck and charisma adds to the talent.