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3-D Film Sales To Decline For First Time Since 2009

Business Insider: ''Movie theater owners fretting about the box-office slide and 3D companies looking to push those colored glasses are not going to like a new report from Fitch Ratings on the state of the exhibition industry.

The credit rating agency predicts that theatrical attendance will drop this year because the 2013 film slate cannot match last year's franchise heavy offerings and audiences are getting sick of shelling out $3 to $4 extra to see films in 3D.''

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TheHergulaX3456d ago

Once again, I have to say, I despise 3D

RetrospectRealm3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

*First time since Avatar.

And btw, Avatar didn't use the red and blue 3D... xD

KingPin3454d ago

because 3D is being forced into movies.
when you watch it home in 2D you think to yourself
"now wtf camera angle is this they got going on"

perfect example, resident evil. throwing that blade at the screen in slow mo. yeah in 2D not so great.
and the step-up 3D pointing at the screen dance moves, WTF!!
or the glass shattering scene in dredd 3D, again, lame.
but the worst one was the amazing spiderman, crane scene. ever watched that in 2D, you get dizzy to the point your stomach starts doing hoola hoops.

but im not saying all 3d movies suck. avatar and tintin were both good. mostly coz when you watch it in 2D it still looks great. no forced camera angles. thats how 3D should be done. but i hope 3D is on its way out. i stick to 2D movies and if the movie is in 3D, i pass.

aDDicteD3446d ago

at some point people will realize that 3d as good as it is now will loose its footing as a trend and that extra surcharge in movie tickets would be not as easy to obtain. the overall quality depends on the story and 3d would be a definitive addition if used for the proper good to just heighten the experience of a good film overall.