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Bait 3D Comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray

Another genre that's enjoying a bit of a resurgence lately is the killer shark flick. With The Reef and Shark Night not too far behind us, we now get to feast our eyes on more perfectly-formed teens being chomped up by gigantic toothy fish. And more power to them I say.

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adarker2019d ago

Dear God this movie is awful. Here is a link to my review of the US release...

Sahil2013d ago

Just watched this last week. If you can get past the terrible CGI, crazy ass plot and poorly written characters.. it's actually kinda good! It's one of those, 'so bad it's awesome' films. A lot of familiar faces (especially Aussies) and some of the BEST one liners I've heard it a while. "Ya gonna chuck it on the barbie and crack open a can of tartare sauce??" Had me in stitches. Watch it for the lol's.

aDDicteD2013d ago

the trailer looks laughable when i saw it. it is easily very similar to shark night 3d.