'Painting Ridiculous Ideas With The Brush Of Reality': 10 Things We Learned About Elysium

Cinema Blend: "We’ve been waiting a very, very long time for writer/director Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, but these past two days its been coming in full force. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a special footage presentation for the film in Los Angeles, where an audience filled with both press and fans got an exclusive look at 10 minutes of the new movie, and just a little while ago the first theatrical trailer arrived online. But we’re not done yet."

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aDDicteD2945d ago

it is a very risky but bold move to show only a little in the trailers because audiences will always tend to movies which they have a strong idea what it is about but this director really tries hard to stand back and get audiences by surprise like he did in district 9 and i think its better that way to have a surprising factor when your in a movie. based on the article i have read my curiosity of the movie increased.