The Daily Rotation - Les Miserables Blu-ray Review

Colton of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper wasted hardly any time after the success of The King’s Speech for his next directorial project. Right after his surprise Oscar win, Hooper ambitiously took on an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s French historic novel Les Misérables. This may be a daunting task to a lot of filmmakers due to the fact that Hugo’s original novel, first published in 1862, is widely considered as timeless. The novel is set in 19th century France and centers on themes such as redemption, love, and revolution in great detail."

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aDDicteD2845d ago

i watched this film in the big screen and i made a promise to myself to have a copy of this in bluray. i heard some critics didnt like that the whole movie was done in singing but i loved it so much, it is the best musical movie for me and years ago i thought chicago will be hard to beat.

Sahil2844d ago

Such a beautiful movie.