‘Evil Dead’ Lives Well at Box Office with $26 Million Debut

Box Office Buz: The remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror cult classic, The Evil Dead, rose to the occasion this weekend, taking in $26 million at the North American box office. That makes it the second highest grossing horror movie debut of the year so far (Mama comes in at number 1 with $28 million). Making the folks at Sony even happier is the fact that Evil Dead, produced by Rami, Bruce Campbell, and Robert G. Tapert, was only made for $17 million (you do the math on its profits).

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TheHergulaX3216d ago

Those are pretty good numbers for a horror film.

aDDicteD3214d ago

evil dead is a well loved franchise. it was expected to get this figures.

Sahil3213d ago

Saw the movie yesterday, I'd say well done, I might get it on blu-ray too.