Independent Cinema - Olympus Has Fallen Review

Independent Cinema writes: Olympus Has Fallen is being hailed as “Die Hard in the White House”, and though normally these kind of taglines feel like a stretch, Antoine Fuqua has essentially done exactly what the tagline suggests. Gerard Butler masquerades as a John McClane that’s more concerned with his job than his family, ready to do insane action stunts that could risk his own life, and not afraid to spew witty remarks over and over to the guy holding everyone hostage. The comparisons are aplenty, so much so that the only major differences are that the setting is the White House, and the terrorists are not Germans. Normally I’d be completely against a film that feels so much like a carbon copy, but Olympus Has Fallen is just too much fun to disregard it as just another Die Hard-clone. There isn’t much to this action romp but a ridiculous premise and some high-octane thrills, but the absurd notion of it all and every actor’s commitment to making the movie more than just a generic action film is what makes Olympus Has Fallen tower over the other action films from this year, so far.

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aDDicteD2102d ago

Going to watch this one when it comes out on dvd/blu-ray. I think it's decent and i might like it.