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How do you remake a cult classic that spawned at least two sequels, helped shape a genre and made its star a legend of the horror screen? All while attempting to make the fans happy without alienating newcomers with too many inside jokes. If you’re Fede Alvarez and you have a production team consisting of the Evil Dead dream team (Raimi, Tapert and Campbell) you’re gonna be just fine.

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RetrospectRealm2024d ago

I can't believe this is getting fairly good reviews.

Derekvinyard132023d ago

Agree, can't see this being better then the original

kamisama2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I watched it Friday andiI have to say its great I loved every moment of it and it holds up just fine against the original

aDDicteD2019d ago

to be honest before watching this in the theater i had minimal expectations that it will be far inferior to the original but after watching it i just think bruce campbell is just the difference because of his iconic status and he made al lot of pop culture iconic scenes such as the chainsaw and his grooovy one liners but other than that the original and this 2013 remake are just as strong.

Sahil2017d ago

So i just watched this movie at AMC with my friends recently. The story line is pretty cool, but predictable. It is not as scary as what people said it is. One major comment about this movie... its BLASPHEMOUS. i'm not being critical about it, but if you know what i mean... you'll see it. Connect the dots and find out.