First Teaser Trailer for Dexter Season 8 Carries a Dire Warning

Showtime has unveiled the first teaser trailer for the upcoming eighth season of the drama series Dexter, and things don’t appear to be very calm in the Dexter universe. The teaser doesn’t show any actual footage from the season (as is the case with most TV teasers), but we do get a rather ominous voiceover from Michael C. Hall’s title character warning viewers that he’s starting to lose control of his so-called Dark Passenger. There’s been no official announcement that this is the final season of the popular serial killer show yet, but going into season seven the producers were operating under the assumption that they were starting an end-of-series arc that would conclude at the close of season eight. Dexter has definitely had its ups and downs over the years, but it should be interesting to see what kind of endgame is set up in the season eight premiere.

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alycakes2413d ago

I think this is their last season so if it is, I hope they give it a proper ending.

Hergula2412d ago

Ill probably watch a couple of episodes, hope its good.

Excalibur2412d ago

I've watched Dexter since the beginning and even though it's entertaining it should have ended a few years ago.

sjaakiejj2412d ago

I disagree. Season 5 and 6 weren't particularly strong (though 6 was better than 5), but Season 7 was one of the best. Season 4 would've been a terrible place to end it, and Season 5 and 6 would've just left a sour taste in everyone's mouth, had they been the final season.

Sahil2412d ago

Third season was worst. Complete borefest. Nothing happened and we just couldn't wait til the prosecutor got killed.

Now season 2... wow. Yes, it was obvious he wouldn't be caught so early on but it was the heart pounding season

Sahil2412d ago

Last season...they're gonna kill off Dexter. I don't see any other possible ending but a monologue from Dexter as he lay there dying.