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Is Ryan Gosling the Smartest Actor in Hollywood?

Planet Ivy: He has his own feminist meme, his own band, he fights crime and he hands out cookies to total strangers. Ryan Gosling as a human being is odd enough, but Ryan Gosling as a movie star is one of the weirdest contradictions in Hollywood. He’s a loveable hard man known for breathtaking romantic gestures as well as for unapologetically smashing skulls in elevators. He’s a no-nonsense, womanising killer in Gangster Squad and a Nicholas Sparks-designed lover in The Notebook. Could it be that Ryan Gosling doesn’t know what kind of star he wants to be? Or does he just balance screen personalities (along with audience expectations) with all the skill of the smartest man in Hollywood?

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crysister2384d ago

Loved by men and women..he has it sewn up :/ !

moviewatcher2384d ago

Drive was an amazing movie.

appleandroid2384d ago

yep, lift face stomper was a bit grim though

Sahil2383d ago

he looked dashing in the movie :P

gedapeleda2383d ago

I didn't like his act.He's an autistic assburger,
and I was constantly thinking say something!
I thought he wasn't really cool by beeing quiet.
Taking some woman for a ride around the city not saying a word.

Hergula2384d ago

I have nothing against him yet as an actor he is just mediocre, as of now.

appleandroid2384d ago

Really? As of now how do you mean? Hid films have been consistent

Hergula2384d ago

True, but I believe he has not yet hit his prime. He goes up and down from film to film, yet I believe that depends on the films he chooses to act in. Yet when he actually takes a role that requires brilliant acting, he pulls through in great fashion.

I just think that he still has room to improve his craft.

RetrospectRealm2384d ago

That's so opinionated I can't even stress. You know how I know that? Because Gosling isn't mediocre at all.

Hergula2384d ago

Whoa take it easy Cowboy, I never said he was a B-list actor and never meant it in that way whatsoever. He is as much of an A-list actor as anyone else, Yet when it comes to A-list actor, he is a mediocre one, in general he is brilliant, yet it depends on what context you put him in.

RetrospectRealm2384d ago

Lul. Take it easy? You act as though I was overreacting. Even so, he still is not mediocre.

FlunkinMonkey2383d ago

You're just as opinionated as he is to be honest. He's allowed his view on Gosling's acting status.

He hasn't always been great in my eyes, and i think often gets by on looks. He was nominated for an Academy Award for 'Half Nelson', but hasn't done that much to make me think he is a 'great', but that's MY opinion.

Sahil2383d ago

"I just think that he still has room to improve his craft."

He needs good roles, to show his consistency. Right now, I'd rate him in the top 15.

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monkeyfox2383d ago

...slightly above mediocre actor..

Sahil2383d ago

not mediocre, nor brillaint.

Good actor.

chukamachine2383d ago

I thought drive was crap.

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