Oblivion Dublin Premiere - in Pictures

Clickonline writes: "Click was on the red carpet last night for the Irish premiere of Oblivion with stars Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko, as well as director Joseph Kosinski in attendance. We’ve got snaps below and video interviews to come."

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aDDicteD2014d ago

olga kurylenko looks as her usually hot self. its amazing how they make tom cruise appear tall in all of his action movies. cant help but notice tom is slightly smaller than olga, but when the movie comes out tom would be the one slightly taller when they have scenes together. i also cant help but notice that at this point olga has not yet starred in a good blockbuster movie, quantum of solace and hitman were received poorly, i hope this is the year she gets to have a decent movie and pairing up with mr. cruise could be a safe bet.