Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods First Day Sales

The movie makes over 300 million on day one. It's expected to eclipse Toei’s goal of 3 billion by 240 million yen.

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Hergula2302d ago

Not surprising at all, Im happy to read that.

aDDicteD2302d ago

First day sale looks solid. 3.4 M only at 1pm, nice! Good to see that this Dragonball Z movie is doing well ^_^

Sahil2302d ago

Are you serious, 300m on day one for Dragon BallZ, I never thought it's fanbase was so immense.

OneAboveAll2301d ago

Man, why can't this come to US Theaters? I'd go see it in a heart beat!

aDDicteD2295d ago

Same here. I'm such a fan of Dragon ball Z and I'm sure that there are so many fans here in the US that will support this. Sadly we will have to wait for a couple of months to see this DBZ movie.