The Daily Rotation - This is 40 Blu-ray Review

Colton of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Over the last decade, writer and director Judd Apatow has taken the throne of modern comedy and has continuously kept his reign. As a writer and director, Judd Apatow has an unconventional and creative approach to his comedy by blending comedic raunchiness with an appropriate amount of sincerity. It’s this exact approach that makes his films stand out from the more run-of-the-mill comedic sludge that has been flooding the multiplexes in recent years. Apatow has progressively “matured” from the raunchiness to a more James L. Brooks approach to his storytelling. His latest film, This Is 40, is his most personal film yet as it explores the concept of aging and family in a tragically funny way. Apatow tones down the raunchiness to deliver his most personal effort yet, it’s his weakest effort."

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Sahil2858d ago

I hated this movie, while I really enjoyer Funny People (for the stand-up shows more than the shitty family plot with Eric Bana), and am a huge fan of Superbad, Pineapple etc... It is easily in the worst movies I have seen the past year.

No Bluray -_-

aDDicteD2858d ago

after reading the review I might consider renting this to see if this one is good before buying it.