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Doctor Who “The Bells Of Saint John” Review - STFUandPLAY

On the mid-season premiere of Doctor Who, The Doctor and his new companion Clara must stop a mysterious group that uses Wi-Fi to steal human souls.

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hazelamy3476d ago

there's only one problem i have with current Who, it's that Moffat seems to have forgotten about the somebody trying to blow up the tardis and end time plotline.

still loving the series, but that thread left dangling is going to keep bugging me until it's tied up. ^_^

SouthClaw3476d ago

Yeah i agree it seems a bit forgotten about. I prefered RTD who anyway this one seems a bit scattered. RTD knew how to please new and old fans he brought back some of the old characters but brought new stories and characters into the show.

StarWarsFan3476d ago

I've never watched Doctor Who. Is it impossible to get into it now without being entirely lost?

Romudeth3476d ago

You can start from season 5 but I suggest you go back to season 1 of the current series. It's a great show that you really should watch. :)

Sahil3476d ago

Matt smith is awsome so i would like to see him go solo. The whole bring a girl to tag along thing is getting old.