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Carrie Fisher Confirms Appearance at Star Wars Celebration Europe in July

Box Office Buz: Star Wars has been in the news a lot recently. Now firmly in the hands of the House of Mouse and more confirmed episodes on the way, fans couldn't be happier to see the franchise they thought doomed to repeat its current incarnations on Home Entertainment (over and over again) get a new lease of life, a new direction and a brand new set of stories which look like they may encompass the original cast. Albeit a little bit older.

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StarWarsFan2762d ago

Very cool, but I already thought this was confirmed.

aDDicteD2762d ago

i wonder what she looks like now the last time i saw her on movie was in a horror movie sorority row remake i guess and she was really old, probably older than her actual age. but then again, princess lea needs an appearance. it is a must.