Watch The New Trailer For Brad Pitt Starrer 'World War Z' And See The Zombirific New Poster


A brand-new trailer and poster for "World War Z" have arrived--showing what looks to be a gigantic amount of zombie's laying siege. The excitement is definitely building towards June 21, 2013 when "World War Z" will finally hit theatres.

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level 3602856d ago

In most films zombies usually move very slowly, but in WWZ they are quick as insects and when they are that many I noticed the 3D artists' decided they ought to flow like avalanches of snow.

Sahil2856d ago

Max Brooks said he doesn't like fast zombies. This is clearly Hollywood deciding they know better than the guy who wrote an amazing story and book in order to fill seats.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2856d ago

The book was good. Had high hopes for it getting translated into a good movie IMO this flick looks like garbage. Hope I'm wrong, but the direction they seemed to have taken with this made me go from day 1 @ the theater to now waiting for redbox or Netflix to get it.

Felonycarclub82856d ago

I actually wanna see this, just looks crazy.

Sahil2856d ago

I was really looking forward to this movie until I watched the trailer. I could forgive the major f*** up on the story. But the shitty CGI and the fact that they're including "fast zombies" is unforgivable.

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