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Why We Love Superheroes

Den of Geek takes an analytical look at why superhero films have become so popular in the last decade and, more intriguingly, why post-modern deconstructions like Kick-Ass are not. There must be a reason that adults desire this 21st century fantasy to be so grounded.

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aDDicteD3466d ago

this is a lengthy detailed article about superheroes and their graphic novel source materials, we love super heroes for different reasons, we love them for their colorful personas, shakesperean like tragedies they encounter that molded their ideals. from batman, spiderman, superman and so on, all this superheroes only helps us escape our reality for a moment and let us enter to their world whether gritty fictional city or a more unrealistic new york city we accept everything it offers us, the darker tones we love strengthens the boundaries of realism and fantasy.

Sahil3466d ago

I love superheroes, not all of em but almost every one single of em.