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Geek-Grotto Reviews "Olympus Has Fallen" Gerard Butler’s latest film is Olympus Has Fallen. And I can basically sum it up in one line. It’s Die Hard meets Air Force One.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What Olympus Has Fallen actually is, is a roller coaster ride of excitement and action.

Gerard Butler has had what I like to call a difficult career. He’s always been on the cusp of mega stardom, but never quite making the jump of say Russell Crowe or Harrison Ford. Olympus Has Fallen will not be the push that he needs, but it is a fantastic thrill ride. Butler delivers a great performance as a secret service agent who ends up in a bad situation because of a good call he made. Gerard is good at delivering the role of a kind hearted man with a killing machine locked away inside him.

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This movie is having some good reviews so far.