Has Danny Boyle run out of Ideas?

Planet Ivy: Danny Boyle’s at that point in his career where people (myself included) eagerly await whatever he turns his hand to next. He’s at an all time high, coming out of the most important year in his career so far, and still turning out high quality fare, like the upcoming Trance (which if the buzz is to be believed, you should really go see). So was anyone else initially just a little disappointed that he’s going to make a sequel to Trainspotting?

Most people would agree that the original was, frankly, a bloody good film. It earned Boyle a BAFTA nod and still has an audience today as I don’t think many weeks go by between showings on Film4. Since then, he’s had an incredibly diverse filmography – 28 Days later is different to Sunshine, which is different to Slumdog Millionaire. He also gave us the James Bond/Queen team up that many of us didn’t know we wanted. Trance looks as if it’s going to be another winner – challenging, thought provoking and mind bending. At this point, it’s safe to say, he could do any film he wanted.

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bytefeast2039d ago

A sequel to something from the 90's seems a bit desperate..

appleandroid2039d ago

...One of the most important films of the 90's though???

PlanetV2039d ago

..and give the man some credit, he's done some amazing commerical films-this will never be a success stateside with a name (and storyline) about porn

appleandroid2039d ago

Porno is an amazing book-can't wait to see it.

StarWarsFan2038d ago

I'd like to see him do a James Bond movie just to see what he comes up with.

ironfist922038d ago

Wasnt he supposed to be directing 28 Months Later?

aDDicteD2031d ago

most of his films, if not all are good, if he plans to make a sequel in trainspotting, as long as the source is good then why not, it was a well received movie by critics and some good movies make better sequels while it is often rare but still worth a try, as long as you have the same director things might go right. the title of the article is misleading in some way.