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Bond 24 Coming In 2016 Instead Of 2014?

MGM originally wanted Bond 24 to be out next year, in 2014. But the fact that Sam Mendes has dropped out of the project to explore other things beyond 007, means that the film might not be out for another 3 years according to Reuters.

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TheHergulaX3545d ago

I personally have stopped watching 007, will it ever end?

alycakes3545d ago

I hope it never ends but this isn't the time to stop watching. Daniel Craig is the best one since Sean connery. Skyfall was just unbelievably great! He signed on to do 2 more. You really should hang on to at least see his.

TheHergulaX3545d ago

You might be right, I did watch Skyfall though, while it was definetly different from previous Bond films, the acting was superb and so was the Score.

Ill keep my hears and eyes open for an upcoming Bond movie, while I might not be a fan, Ill still try to watch them.

It is just that it has become such a huge movie franchise, I feel like I NEED to watch them, whether I like it or not :).

In all honesty, it is just that there seems to never be an end, most Bond movies tend to be similar to each other, taking away from the excitement of actually sitting down and watching it, yet I have to say that Skyfall was the best Bond film under Craig era.

alycakes3545d ago

I did get tired of some of the inbetween ones myself and some of them weren't really that great. They tried too hard and then they fail in making them entertaining.

StarWarsFan3545d ago

2014 was always a long shot in my opinion. I was guessing more around 2015 personally.

ajax173545d ago

As long as it's as good as Skyfall or better I don't care!

Sahil3545d ago

Thank you lord, no more bond for 3 years.

360ICE3545d ago

God forbid that you just don't watch it...

Sahil3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I don't ha.

360ICE3545d ago

The question being: then why care?

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The story is too old to be commented.