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The Best of Bruce Willis

With the recent release of A Good Day to Die Hard, I decide to look back on Bruce Willis’ lengthy career, which provided plenty of great action movies. Having gotten his big break in TV (Moonlighting), Willis has still managed to go on and have a very fulfilling career on the big screen. Here, I delve through his filmography and present to you my top 10 movies starring Bruce Willis. So, without further ado, here they are.

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LOL_WUT3483d ago

Braveheart didn't make it in the top 10? Meh, his lowest point in his career was making the movie Get the Gringo.

JL3483d ago

This is a Bruce Willis list. You're thinking of Mel Gibson.

3483d ago
alycakes3482d ago

I've always liked him....some of the best ones have been the unusual ones like Lucky Number Sleven and the Fifth Element. I like the Die Hard ones too although not all of them were great I did enjoy most of them. Red wasn't mentioned but that was one of my favorite with him and the rest of a top notch cast....action and comedy, you can't go wrong.

JL3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Red was actually at number 10. It was a fun movie.

Gamefan123482d ago

aw how come no death becomes her lol

aDDicteD3477d ago

im surprise looper was not included, it could easily be in the list. gi joe retaliation will be coming out soon iguess that would be a solid movie as well based on the trailer.