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"The story is everywhere in this installment of the Resident Evil film franchise. I know the basic plotline is supposed to include scenes, moments and characters from most of the previous films. However, some happenings are not clearly explained, nor are they interesting or engaging. Throughout the film I was like “Why do I care about these characters again?”

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alycakes2836d ago

I love these movies. Afterlife wasn't as good I thought as the others but I thought this one was pretty good. I didn't that they brought back the old characters just to be the bad guys. I thought they were going to be there to help her but I was wrong. This one was more like a game so for those of you that do play the game I guess would have noticed that.

Saviior952836d ago

I thought it was a terrible film myself, the first 3 were brilliant but since afterlife the animated ones have been better.

level 3602836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I bought Afterlife and Retribution simply because of 3D which was impressively used on both films.

Sort of like Afterlife better, but then including a lot of the previous casts' on Retribution and the addition of Ada Wong were all good choices.

At the end of Retribution with all the monsters outside white house HQ looks promising for next installment?..

Resident Evil Damnation in CGI was also meant to be in 3D but wasn't transferred with the tech.. budget problems maybe? Thought it would have been easier and cheaper since it's all computers.

vanethe2835d ago

the first 2 are the best the rest are bad