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NCIS: LA 'History': Rock-Paper-Scissors: TV Fanatic Review

TV Fanatic:
Terrorism comes in many forms, both international and domestic - and America has a long "History" of dealing with both. On this week's NCIS:Los Angeles, the team was tasked with investigating the possible re-emergence of a 1970s radical group responsible for bombings decades ago, including at a Navy base, after one of the group's fugitive members was found stabbed.

The investigation into the former Gun Barrel Party (GBP) took a few surprising turns, including finding a former presumed dead member that became a professor. That position provided him with impressionable students to indoctrinate with radical beliefs.

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alycakes2973d ago

This one isn't anything like the other NCIS so I watch it too. The characters are completely different and I enjoy them all. It can be dramatic and funny. Last night wasn't one of their best but it was still worth watching.