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The 5 Best Performances to Be Snubbed an Oscar Nomination

"We are currently in an odd film awards season where three of the biggest powerhouse talents of the year (any of which would have deserved a win in their category) didn’t even garner a measly nomination. We’re talking, of course, about Ben Affleck for Best Director, Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Supporting Actor, Quentin Tarantino for Best Director. And that’s not even mentioning the absences of Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper and freak’n Christopher Nolan. Why??? We shout to the heavens in vain. How in the world does the director of “Beasts of the Southern Wild” nab a nomination instead? What were the voters snorting when they ignored Leonardo DiCaprio (AGAIN, no less!) for what should have been as much of a slam dunk win as Anne Hathaway’s for Best Supporting Actress? Especially considering this is DiCaprio’s best “performance” to date?? This wasn’t that hard, Academy. This wasn’t as stellar of a year as, say, 1939 or 2004. No, this should have been pretty simple.

This year offers ple...

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RetrospectRealm3584d ago

Bale, Shaw, and DiCaprio definitely. The others, not so much.