Ben Affleck Wins Directors Guild Award for Argo And Much More

The freight train that is Argo kept on trucking last night. Though the film’s Best Picture Oscar chances were all but dashed when Ben Affleck was snubbed for Best Director (it’s incredibly rare for a movie to win Best Picture without a Best Director nomination), the film picked up the top awards at two major guilds—the Screen Actors Guild and the Producers Guild. Now two becomes three, as the Directors Guild Awards were held last night and Argo pulled off the hat trick by landing Affleck the Best Director DGA trophy.

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alycakes2570d ago

I'm so happy he's getting these awards for his part in this movie Argo. He does deserve it. The movie was outstanding and I think his best work ever.

Hergula2570d ago

I most definetly agree, Ben Affleck´s Argo is incredibly well created in general but it does surprise me that Argo is winning the Best Picture category everywhere, yet he was not even nominated for Best Director at the Oscars.

alycakes2570d ago

The Oscars is a whole different ballgame. I've never really liked the Oscars. Most of the time if you aren't a period film or a historical drama or a biopic about someone very important it's hard to get noticed.

Hergula2570d ago

Well that is indeed true, The Oscars have always been a bit of a question mark as they hand out their awards differently from, lets say, Golden Globes and the BAFTA´s.

Oscars are handed out exactly to films you are talking about, that is also why I feel that Lincoln might just win Best Picture, because it is about Abe himself. Spielberg will get the Oscar for Best Director it seems and Daniel Day Lewis will win Actor In A Leading Role (Which he should win).

alycakes2570d ago

I agree with Daniel Day Lewis on that one but there have been years that they have been way off base on so many levels that I've almost stopped watching them. I watch something else and switch chanels on the commercials to see what's happened or just wait for all the news the next day.

Hergula2570d ago

Yeah I fully understand... Some good examples of wrong movies winning would be the year when Slumdog Millionare won and The Hurt Locker, both movies which are very mediocre but just really well created.

Slumdog Millionare won because it is the first Bollywood movie to win it, The Oscars always try to have an idea and a reason as to why they choose a certain movie. This time it was just to honor Bollywood... or so it seems to me atleast.

The Hurt Locker was given an award for Best Picture just because of what it was about... and because of the female director, it seems like they wanted to make it memorable just because of that...

coolbeans2570d ago

The Hurt Locker was a fantastic film.

"... and because of the female director"

nix2570d ago

Slumdog really disappointed me... i watched the movie after it won the oscars and i was like "wtf?" /:

StarWarsFan2570d ago

I'm glad Martin Scorsese finally got his Oscar a few years back. Otherwise, he'd be without one today while Ben Affleck/Gigli would have supporters protesting that he wasn't nominated for Best Director.

SnakeCQC2570d ago

i hated argo it was nothing but another propaganda piece to show middle eastern people burning the american flag and hating america etc

coolbeans2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I figured it was impossible for anyone to consider it a propaganda piece. The very beginning of the movie explains WHY they were angry with America for harboring such a despicable leader.

SnakeCQC2563d ago

well most movies these days that show middle eastern people with anger towards the us are propaganda; as it makes americans not give a crap about what their troops do in that region.
The timing of this movies release along with zero dark thirty too are interesting; they were released around obamas re-election (has kept bushes horrendous foreign policy and has extended it substantially)
Ps what were your thoughts on act of valor and zero dark thirty?

coolbeans2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I haven't seen Act of Valor but have heard critics say it did/didn't have pro-American propaganda. I really wasn't interested in seeing it anyways.

As for Zero Dark Thirty...yikes it really stacked on a lot of strange coincidences (I think it was a 10/10 docu-drama). The thing about ZDT is that you'll need to look up the pre-production history to see how surreal it is this movie came about.

After The Hurt Locker, rottentomatoes news watched Bigelow's next movie like a hawk. Her team had pre-production rolling about the hunt for Bin Laden, but since he hadn't been killed yet the ending was going to be ominous. Then he gets killed and the ending is changed entirely. As for the timing of release: they DID have this ready for a Oct/Nov release but decided to postpone after the election for reasons you just stated.

Back to Argo: Yes, it did have angry Middle Easterners and depicted hangings. The thing is the very beginning the movie explains that Iran's "zha" (wrong spelling) was evil, and his wife supposedly bathed herself in milk every day, and America harbored him because he was dying.

If the audience got any anti-Middle East vibe from Argo, it would be their fault. The movie provided enough context as to why they were angry at America.