Kid Cudi to Act In The Upcoming "Need For Speed" Movie

It seems as if the highly anticipated “Need For Speed” movie which is set to be released in 2014 has gotten an addition to the cast. Musician Kid Cudi is now officially a part of the cast for the upcoming high-speed racing movie titled “Need For Speed”.

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GamerCheese2215d ago

Act being a relative term...

Soldierone2214d ago

And beginning to start to lose interest begins .... now.

KingPin2214d ago

Musician Kid Cudi......really?!! so all you need is 2 good/average songs to be considered a musician lol.

this dude is a talentless tool who cant sing/rap. now he shall try acting. please.........this just ruined whatever hope i had for it. something tells me this is going to feel like a lame spin of from the fast and the furious franchise.

Madgunner2214d ago

2 good/ average songs? lol mmmk

DeadManMcCarthy2213d ago

I'll watch it for Aaron Paul. I have a non-gay man crush on him.

Th3 Chr0nic2213d ago

this will be as good as the tekken movie was im sure.