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The Last Stand Review | Examiner

David Weaver from the Examiner writes: Developed as a vehicle to re-introduce Schwarzenegger back into the public eye, director Jee-woon Kim's new film "The Last Stand" provides the Austrian born mega star's fanbase with all the bells and whistles expected from an Arnie-style action flick. Arnold is pushing 70 years old at this point in his career and although he is still in phenomenal shape for his age, he just isn't capable of performing at the same level or with the same amount of gusto he once had but he and Kim are out to prove that there is still plenty of gas in his tank. Kim's film finds that perfect balance of giving us some classic Arnold action with the caveats that come with old age. Despite the film being little more than a retread of every action movie ever made, it succeeds at what it needed to, providing Arnold with the perfect platform to signify his return to the big screen.

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