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Gangster Squad Review | Examiner

David Weaver from the Examiner writes: Early Los Angeles circa the 1940's was an interesting time in American history. It almost feels like a turning point of sorts from the out of control wild west setting to the more outright law driven society we have now. It's not so much that crime has been abolished (we can only dream), but no one wears it on their sleeve it anymore. Criminals are no longer celebrities, the mob as it was is no more. So it is always fascinating going back and looking at a time when being a gangster was akin to being a movie star. Director Ruben Fleischer's new film "Gangster Squad" is a film much in the same vein as other gangster classics such as "The Untouchables" and the excellent "L.A. Confidential". If you are a fan of the era and like to see your heroes conflicted, wearing trench coats, fedoras and dual wielding tommy guns, then this is something you will likely have a lot of fun with. The only problem that keeps the film from achieving greatness alongside those other classics is how despite labeling itself as being based on actual events, it ends up being just one big lie after another when it comes to concrete facts.

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