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Sports Entertainment Weekly – WWE Royal Rumble Review

The Geek Link writes- Last Sunday the WWE presented arguably their second top PPV, The Royal Rumble. This year’s Royal Rumble not only featured the legendary battle royale that serves as the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania, but the return of The Rock as he took on WWE Champ CM Punk. Those two matches alone made this PPV worth the price of admission. It’s just a shame that the price came with the cost of innovation. While the Rumble had some gems in there, chances are the Royal Rumble will be remembered best as the PPV that the WWE had the chance to swerve and shock us but ultimately decided to be predictable and disappointing. But does that mean Royal Rumble 2013 was bad? Let’s take a look back and find out.

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Reibooi3441d ago

I was really annoyed at the royal Rumble. I mean overall it was a pretty solid show but it was so insanely predictable it was sad. I mean we know now that the "Once in a Lifetime" Event that was The Rock vs Cena was BS cause it's 90% likely going to happen again this year as I doubt they will put the title back on Punk at elimation chamber.

My other big problem was the match between Punk and Rock. Now I'm a big punk fan so I didn't really like seeing the title change hands but I do understand that every reign has to come to an end and that is fine. But the match was crap. It wasn't very good for a match that is the end of a historic title reign. It should have been a bigger, Longer and more grand match but it wasn't. On top of that they made punk look insanely weak. I mean here is a guy they have show kick out of multiple AA's and many other finishers but a simple Peoples Elbow put him away? They couldn't let him kick out and then lose a minute or 2 later? It was just lazy and you could tell they didn't really care.

Based on what I saw here there is a solid chance I won't bother with Mania this year. The card is gonna need to look damn good to make up for what is likely be another terrible Cena vs Rock match.

CowardDuck3441d ago

The subject of the finish has been a hot topic since the Sunday, and this is where I'll be a little argumentative... It's the People's Elbow. The move has put people away including Hulk Hogan. I would actually consider it higher on Rock's list of finishers since I can guarantee you more people have kicked out of the Rock Bottom than the People's Elbow. If the Cobra is considered a finisher today, I don't see why the People's Elbow is suddenly bad.

As far as the ending not being grand enough, please sit back and think it over. It took The Rock coming out of retirement to end the reign. It took one of the biggest names of wrestling to do what Cena, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho and others couldn't. That fact by itself made Punk look anything but weak, least in my eyes.

Honestly, the reign was so incredible and so amazing, I dunno if there was anything WWE could logically do to end the reign that wouldn't be considered a let down. Unless they signed Samoa Joe, and had he, Bryan, Chris Hero, Antonio Caesaro, and Punk wrestle an iron man match at Wrestlemania, I don't think there was anything WWE could do that would leave up to such high expectations. In the end, I think we all wanted Punk's reign to keep going.

As far as not kicking out of the finisher, first keep in mind Punk lasted almost a minute in the Sharpshooter and kicked out after a Rock Bottom on the floor. Second, at the end of the day, Punk's a heel. Heels don't get good guy invincibility. It's not burying, it's just normal wrestling.

I can understand where you're coming as far as the predictability that now follows Wrestlemania. It's has been a bane for the events for some time. If Rock and Cena II was the only match taking place, I'd skip it too. However, let's wait and see what else WWE is going to do. The plan could be for Punk to end the streak for all we know. I remain hopeful that this will be the last Mania with Rock owning the main event, but time will tell.

Hey, thanks very much for the comment. I appreciate any feedback or opinions. I hope wrestling gets better for ya.

Reibooi3440d ago

I get what you are saying but the match just lacked that classic feel. I know alot of guys have kicked out of the Rock Bottom and the Peoples Elbow but still I feel it felt cheap. Go back and look at the match between Austin and Rock at Mania 19. Austin kept kicking out over and over when the match was about to end and it just lended this epic feel that few matches these days have. Hell at mania 17 Rock kicked out of damn near everything and looked invincible until Austin started beating him with the chair. Those matches were memorable.

We are supposed to believe that the guy who has had one of the best reigns in 20 years didn't want it enough to kick out of a finisher or 2? I just don't like it. We know punk can put on epic matches we have seen a few with Cena and of course the classic Punk and Danial Bryan had at over the limit. I just felt let down but you have a point. After such a great reign pretty much everything was gonna feel like a let down.

frjoethesecond3440d ago

I was also disappointed with that match. For all the beefing up Rock did his stamina and athleticism have suffered over the years.

Predictable, short and way too much downtime in the match. I honestly feel that Punk carried The Rock through the match. If he was facing Cena again it would have been as bad as WresleMainia last year.

The Rock just isn't practising enough and now he'll go back to his home and talk smack to the other superstars on the titantron once a week, defend the title once a month in crappy matches and probably lose to Cena at mania and leave again.

If WWE writers are smart and the rock plays ball they could do a great angle between Cena, Rock, Lesnar and Punk. A man can dream.

DoctorXpro3440d ago

Cena is a great person but i so tired of seeing him winning ........

Reibooi3440d ago

Yeah I'm tired of seeing Cena win. I respect the hell out of the man for his values and the things he does for his younger fans but he as a fan of wrestling fan needs to understand why people don't like him. He needs to change at least a little. Everyone has changed over their career to adapt to the times(as did Cena as his current gimmick evolved from his Thug Life persona) I mean look at Jericho and how he has changed over the years. He is only just now going back to the classic Y2J we knew back in the attitude era.

I hope that the match this year won't be simply Cena and Rock II but I think it will. Last year Rock was intervied for a site about what would be happening at next years mania(this years now) and asked if he would face Lesnar and he just smiled and said he was saying a thing. That kinda sounds like it would be something with Brock but alot of things change over the course of a year and with what happened at the end of Raw this past Monday i'm expecting Brock vs HHH II. Some have been saying maybe a triple threat with Cena, Punk and Rock could happen but I think that to is nothing but a dream.

GanjaMan3440d ago

why is this on the filmwatch? Surely it should be on the sports section 11x2?

CowardDuck3440d ago

The line's a bit fuzzy. Some people do consider wrestling a sport, but just as many say no do to the whole "It's scripted" part. I bet you if we posted it there, I'd have one or two people upset that it was in the sports section lol. The one thing everyone can agree on though is that it's a TV show, so here it is.

bigrob1233440d ago

as soon as cena won the match that straight away told who would win the main event. I can understand rock vs cena 2 makes money even though it didn't produce a good match last year.
the interesting thing is where do they take punk? one thing that could be interesting is punk trying to end the streak to solidify himself as the best in the world. not the most creative booking but it would produce some great mic work from punk

CowardDuck3440d ago

Anything from Punk always produces great work. To be honest though, I wouldn't give up on Punk being involved in the main event either. His work has been absolutely brilliant through Rumble, and remember Cena called Rock and Punk impossible opponents for him, so he could completely vindicate himself in one match here if they find a reason to include Punk. But once again time will tell.

Funky_Homosapien3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

the rock draws more then the entire wwe locker-room put together so of course he should be champ its great for wwe stock. You have to look at it from a business standpoint.

aDDicteD3440d ago

i liked the rock vs cm punk match way better than cena vs rock match back at the previous wrestlemania though it would be better if there were a couple of kick-outs in the end that would make the match more dramatic and satisfying. as for the rumble itself was good but I just didn't like cena to win it because it was so predictable and it takes away the whole entertainment of the 30 man royal rumble.